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Why Aren’t “DJs” Called Musicians? featuring Herobust | BAALS Music Festival

Why Aren't "DJs" Called Musicians? featuring Herobust

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As the EDM music genre continues to grow through music festivals, artist tours, and pop culture music; there is also growing controversy on whether huge DJs actually play music or just “push play”. At BAALS Music Festival on August 1, 2015, we will have an artist called HeRobust joining the family, coming in from Atlanta, Georgia. Known for his high energy hip-hop style beats, he has been blowing up in the EDM world. In the past couple of weeks, he has released three new tracks on his Soundcloud for free called: Skurt Reynolds, Post Malone – White Iverson (BUSTED By Herobust), and Bomb Bomb by Protohype and HerobustDruck

As we follow his journey, a post came to our attention as of recently, that features HeRobust on Awful Sessions playing one of his more chill type tracks, Check it out ->Atlantarctica. Pay attention to how much interaction he has with his song and doesn’t just let it play from start to finish. So many aspects can be added to a song to achieve ideal listening pleasure. This proves that not every so called DJ just pushes play up on stage and we are happy to have Hayden with us on August 1, 2015 at BAALS! Get your tickets to see him work his magic! 

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